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Not because of the DDoS attacks. I just happened to get an invite code and thought "why not?"

In theory, because I'm typing this at dreamwidth, it should crosspost? So this is both a test of the cossposting feature, a test of the dreamwidth account, and a request for any of you guys who have dreamwidths to friend me over there too if it pleases you. My name at dreamwidth is time_machine ( http://time-machine.dreamwidth.org/ ).

(If anything, the big bonus of this account is getting my favourite handle, which is often taken by the time I get to a place).

Does anyone know if there's a quick way to import all of your old entries to dreamwidth? I don't know if I want to or not yet, I just want to know if there is a way.

And in regard to my last post - I don't know if there's a lack of response because LJ has been so wonky lately, of if it's because you don't like the idea. If it's the latter, obviously you don't have to, but I would appreciate it if you'd tell me as much (and if you'd like, tell me why). If you like parts of it but not others, I'd also really like to know what parts people are interested in and what parts they aren't. And if you think I'm just an asshole, you can tell me that too. :D (Or, obviously, since y'all are not my trained monkeys, you don't have to actually comment - I was just saying that if you weren't saying anything because you didn't like the idea but didn't want to be a Debbie Downer, I'd rather know now)

So, um, let's see if this crossposts, yeah?

Date: 2011-07-29 07:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tardis-stowaway.livejournal.com
Didn't reply to your earlier post because I was short on time, but I'd be hypothetically interested in a blog like that by you. Sounds neat! Personally, I'm probably more likely to read blog posts than watch vlog stuff, but a mixed format sounds like it could be useful for your purposes.

I've added you at dreamwidth. I currently don't use that account for anything other than commenting, but I figure it's best to have my friends located over there for purposes of whinging about LJ outages and insurance in case LJ ever goes down more permanently.

I know it's possible to import all one's old entries to dreamwidth, but I haven't tried it. I think I may finally look into it once LJ settles down enough for the import tool to work well. My total inability to get on LJ for days was disconcerting.

Date: 2011-07-29 10:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] timemachineyeah.livejournal.com
Yay. Cool. Thank you. I'm thinking about the best way to try to incorporate both formats. I'm thinking I might do a short sort of summary vlog for most of the things, and then expand upon each topic in text form. Maybe. This is still very up in the air and kind of in the works. (Also, I was slightly flattered by the "by you", lol. I was all "Ooh, she likes my opinions ~personally~!") And yeah, I've discovered the uploading feature as well. I guess it'd be good to have a back-up. But I'm going to wait until LJ is completely in the clear as well.


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